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Why choosing a franchise is a good idea -Deidra Viney- Episode-31

In this week's episode, we sit down with Deidra Viney. Co-founder of "Express employment Jersey City" discussed Deidra's journey from being a banker assisting entrepreneurs in getting small business loans to being bit by the bug of owning one's own business and deciding she wanted to forge her path. Like those she'd been helping through banking, she was ready to take off the task of being an entrepreneur, but instead of choosing the route of starting a business from scratch, she decided to go into franchises. There's always a story to one's journey, and when she decided to start her own business the day of 9/11, reality hit home. We get into it and so much more so let listen to Deidra's hustle.

In this episode, Deidra shares:

  • How to buy a franchise

  • What to look for when buying a franchise

  • Building a business in tough Economic Times

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