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The Art of starting over with Donnalynn Riley- Episode-61

Donnalynn Riley is a Business Mindset Coach with a twist. Her training is as a "Spiritual Health Coach," which means that she understands life through the lens of emotions to help move forward with ease & speed. So, Donnalynn helps direct sellers and independent business owners develop & evolve personally to grow their business and impact the world. Donnalynn has been fortunate to have been the CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation, so she also has many years of knowledge and experience with business systems, operations, management, and marketing to help put it all together. Whether the necessary answer is in a new level of clarity, emotional adjustment, or business systems, management, or marketing, Donnalynn can help you navigate the way.

In this episode, Donnalynn shares:

  • How to keep on learning with 9 to 5 jobs

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