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Taking a chance when things seem perfect with Michael Tesalona -Episode 14

On this week's podcast we sit down with Michael Tesalona founder of Pm Now Michael, hailing from New Jersey was always a pretty good kid on a pretty good path to Corporate America. He started work in financing around 2009 the beginnings of the market crash naturally resulting in him being fired quickly as most markets struggled to stay afloat. Keeping his foot on the gas he found a new job with a new company in the financing, this venture he gained some traction and rose through the ranks pretty quickly. An offer was presented to him for a position to work in Spain, and he jumped at the idea of packing his things and making the move. Though it was a great opportunity he came to the realization soon after taking the job that he hated what he was doing and wanted to do something else. In a seemingly perfect situation, he walks into work one day and just quit, moving back to Jersey immediately after. From the point the tires hit the runway back home he embarked on an up-and-down Journey to figure out "What's next?" Let's listen with an open mind and ear to Michael's Hustle.

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