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How to go from unemployed to real estate investor in a few years with Lisa Phillips-Episode 20

We sit down with Lisa Phillips on this week's podcast of "Affordable Real Estate Investing." Lisa has an incredible story, from working as an engineer buying her first house in North Las Vegas to sitting on top of the world & suddenly having it tore from under her with the 2008 recession hit. She loses her job & her new home, which now she couldn't afford to pay.

Fast forward, the house goes into foreclosure, she packs up and moves to Ohio and realizes that there is a market for real estate where she can buy real estate for less than $50,000 all over the United States. That was the moment her "Affordable Real Estate Investments" journey begins.

In this episode, Lisa shares:

  • Creative financing to get real estate

  • How to buy real estate with a foreclosure

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Instagram: @affordablerei

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