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How to Building a company with a unique niche with -- Episode 40

We sit down with "Cathy Nesbitt " of "Cathy's Crawley Compost. To say Cathy's company is unique would be an understatement. Utilizing worms to break down compost in a process called "Vermicomposting," she's built her company up on people's garbage. We talk about her journey from being a secretary for 20 years to how she found out about Worm Composting and the spark that ultimately led to her getting into this niche business. All this and so much more on today's episode!

In this episode, Cathy shares:

  • Understanding worm composting

  • How do get marketing and PR for a very Niche business

Guest Social Media Info

Facebook.- CathysCrawlyComposters

Twitter @Squirm

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