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From troubled teenager to successful entrepreneur with Timothy Roman -Episode 10

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

In this week's episode, we sat down with Timothy Roman the founder of KB Imperial and Roman Media Group. What an amazing story!! Like every parent wanting a better life for their family, Timothy and his parents migrated to the U.S. But as a teen, Timothy got into a lot of trouble. After a close run-in with the law, he decided to change his life around. He started in the construction industry, learning all about the business to eventually starting his own construction company. Then within a year, his company gross was close to a million dollars. Quickly realizing that he wasn't passionate about construction, he decided to start @imperialkb Just like a few entrepreneur's he's now on to his next venture starting his third company @romangroupmedia Let's LEAD with an open mind and ears to Timothy Roman's Hustle!

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Facebook: Imperialkb


Instagram: @romangroupmedia

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