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From Real Estate Agent To Building A 10 Million Dollar Portfolio with Aaron Fragnito-Episode 16

Aaron was a born entrepreneur, leading him to help his brother with a landscaping business at a very early age. Moving forward a bit, his brother went off the college leaving Aaron, to grab the helm of the landscaping operation.

Motivated and driven, he doubled the customers and the revenue, further cementing the thought that entrepreneurship was his path. He decided to go to college and major in entrepreneurship; he took on an entrepreneurial venture selling painting services door to door; however, he didn't make much money with this venture. He did leave with a valuable skill "Selling face to face."

Taking his new salesmanship skills, he moved to start selling real estate but swiftly realizing being an agent wasn't going to be easy. It took him almost two years to make some money and figure out the real estate industry, but that hard work has paid off, and now he's the co-founder of people's capital and manages ten million dollars worth of Real Estate.

In this episode, Aaron shares:

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