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From Navy Seals to winning Shark Tank with -Eli Crane- Episode 28

In today's episode, we'll be getting into the entrepreneurial beginnings of Eli Crane, founder of Bottle breachers.

Military man to entrepreneur Eli took and applied the mindset cultivated in the Marines to build him and his wife's company. "Crawl then walk then run" is the ideal that kept his goals in focus while building his team out to support the quickly growing customer base.

With a chance of A lifetime appearance on "Shark Tank" giving rise to a tsunami of business & business opportunities. Eli has taken it all in stride. This is an amazing story we got for you guys today, so without further ado, we bring you Eli's hustle

In this episode, Eli shares:

  • Making it to Shark Tank

  • The Shark Tank effect on your business

  • What the Marines taught him about business

Guest Social Media Info

website: intasgram: @bottlebreacher @elicrane_ceo

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