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From being fired to making 6 figures selling shoes with Ryan & Lindsay - Episode 22

In this week's episode, we have Ryan and Lindsey, of @RNZYNOW

They have a fascinating story, starting from simple reselling just as something they did from time to time to it literally being a necessity to getting the bills paid. Lindsay was working at a family business. She got fired. Ryan was a bartender. He got fired. Nothing to lose they made the choice to give reselling as a business a serious shot with the intention to see what happens. Setting a goal to reach the journey began, "no excuses no complaints".

In this episode, Ryan and Lindsey share:

  • Shoe reselling

  • Can-do attitude

  • No excuses no complaints make it happen

Guest Social Media Info:

Youtube: Instagram:@RNZYNOW Facebook:

H for Hustle Facebook group:

Instagram: @iamjeromefenton84 @Hforhustlepodcast

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