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Changing yourself to change the world - RB Alverna - Episode 24

Today we sit down and talk with RB Alverna founder of "Academy 365" a program with its roots firm to creating a safe space for black male youth 12 to 18 to learn skills, as well as hone their mental & emotional needs, along with the skill set to level the playing field between themselves & their counterparts. RB's journey led him from being a full-time administrator / part-time professor to realizing he wasn't happy. Though he enjoyed teaching he couldn't stomach the politics of that system. From that contention came the birth of his calling. From being a father to his son and wanting other little black boys to have the same opportunities came his purpose.

In this episode, RB shares

  • The importance of therapy

  • finding your purpose

Guest Social Media Info

Contact Info: website: Donate: Instagram: @drrbalverna @theacademy365_inc @Hforhustlepodcast @iamjeromefenton

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