• jerome Fenton

Calling All Entrepreneurs to Adapt

The world is a changing place; that’s never been a more applicable phrase than right now during this pandemic. We have learned, as an entire world, what it truly means to be adaptable. As entrepreneurs, we especially have learned the meaning of this phrase, as plans and ideas have morphed and changed dramatically over the last six months. Adaptability is an important skill to hone in on; not only in China or in Africa, but across the globe.

And the reality is, we as entrepreneurs have to continually adapt, because the changes that have taken place this year are not going to reverse completely. Will some sense of normalcy return to our lives? Perhaps; maybe even 50% or so of what we are used to will return. However, a large portion of the changes that have taken place will remain the same. Our world will be forever changed because of this virus. And because of that, we have to think bigger and move faster.

A friend of mine just had his Mac computer break. He called an Apple repair shop to see if they would help him. He scheduled an appointment to get his computer fixed, but driving to the shop would take him at least 45 minutes. Instead, he hired someone from TaskRabbit, a same day service platform, to drop off the computer for him. After a day, the computer was ready and again, he hired TaskRabbit to pick up the computer for him. He saved over an hour and a half of travel time due to this same day service platform. Productivity levels have significantly increased, in addition to so many things that are changing.

So the moral of the story is to follow the shift; if the shift leads further down the digital path, go with it. See what entrepreneurial doors open up. Because if you don’t stay up with the changes, you might get left behind.

If a friend calls you about starting a virtual business at E-Shop, or if you have an idea for a side hustle, take it seriously. If a friend calls you and says, “I learned how to option trade, you should learn too,” consider picking it up as well. If a friend says they want to start a video game and you’re interested in it too, go for it. Challenge yourself. This is the time to adapt to the intense trauma our world is dealing with.

So again, I’m calling all entrepreneurs; it’s time to commit fully to this digital ship because it will pay off one way or another.

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