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Burn the Boats with Alfonso Severino -Episode 15

On this week's podcast, we sit down with Alfonso Severino.

Growing up Alfonso, was very much into music. He was in a band, then jumping from that to the hip-hop side of things to become a rapper. Unfortunately, or instead, fortunately, after listening to his parents tell him, "There was no career in music." He moved on to the path of higher learning and got himself into Penn State. While at Penn State, he decided to become a lawyer, but sadly, that was not meant to be due to his failing the LSat test after graduating. This failure led him to reconsider that plan and take a sharp turn in insurance sales. Fast forward a year, and he managed to rank himself as a number one sales rep within the company, but all good things must come to an end; the business started to slow down, and things got rough, so he decided to go back to school for accounting. On his path to becoming a CPA, he got fired twice from large accounting firms leading him to Burn the Boats and go out on his own to start his own CPA business.

Let's listen with an open mind and ear to Alfonso's Hustle.

On this episode, Alfonso shares:

  • Don't look back mentality

  • using Craigslist to find customers

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