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Building a real estate Empire while still having a full-time job with Devin Moreno -Episode 72

In this week's episode, I sit down with Devin Moreno, the founder of Devin Moreno investing. Devon's path to real estate investing started when he talked to a co-worker, and he told that co-worker he believes everyone can be a millionaire. His co-worker said if you think it's that easy, why don't you do it? And that's how Devin's Journey started into real estate investing. We discuss how he uses creative financing to fund his first few properties and how he balances, having a full-time job and managing a real estate portfolio of 11 buys and holds and 12 manage Properties.

In this episode, Devin shares:

  • How to use creative Finance to get real estate.

  • How to balance having a nine-to-five job while still growing your real estate portfolio.

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