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Building a product from the ground up with Justin Pullis - Episode 12

On this week's podcast, we sit down with Justin Pullis, Co-Founder of Honey Hound Farm.

Justin, grew up on a dairy farm in New Jersey doing manual labor. The hours were long on the farm leading him to desire a different life for himself and with that motivation, he made the jump into the world that is "Corporate America" as a salesman. After working there for a few years, he grew to miss the farm life so as a hobby he picked up beekeeping. Before he knew it he started selling the honey and just as quickly as he began customers began requesting more products. The demand was there and he began to widen his product offering with, lip balms and body butter, soaps. Unlike some of the other entrepreneurs I've interviewed; Justin is doing all of this while still keeping a full nine-to-five job at Salesforce!!! Let's Listen with an open mind and ears to Justin Pullis's Hustle!!

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