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Building a company that makes a difference with Chip Heim of the soulfull project- Episode 32

In this week's episode, we sit down with the co-founder of the soulfull project Chip Heim.

We dive into how one work trip with his at the time employer, Campbell Soup. It completely changed his life, and he began his journey, encountering a family in Texas living off of $20 a week with little to no food. In their home, it instilled in him a drive to find a way to change this way of living for this family & thousands of others following this painful story.

That's when the idea for "the soulfull project " took shape. With a unique one-for-one model approach, for every product sold, they donated one to a food bank, not limited to one area but anywhere in the United States.

This story is engaging, heartfelt, and shows that you can do good.

In this episode, Chip shares:

  • Building a company with a one-for-one business model.

  • Fixing a problem in the world

Guest Social Media Info

Website: Instagram:@thesoulfullproject

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