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Building a business through podcasting with - Ona Oghogho episode 30

In this week's episode, we sit down with Ona Oghogho, founder of "Blk Pod Collective."

We discuss Ona's journey working her way up the corporate ladder entering the realm of a six-figure income to still landing in an area of unhappiness. Being a fan of podcasting, she made the jump to producing her own. As with most new ventures, there's a learning curve and a moment of realizing something is off. For Ona, it was a solid support system for the community of black podcasters. In that mind frame, she has seen the marketplace gap; there was no centralized place catering to the need to share resources, experience, and tools of the trade. "Blk Pod Collective" was born from the need for support and a sense of community.

In this episode, Ona shares:

  • Podcasting for black creatives

  • The future of podcasting

Guest Social Media Info

Instagram: @BlkPodCollective

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