In 2019, Jerome Fenton started the "H For Hustle podcast" he started this podcast because he saw a need for a show that. Aspiring entrepreneurs to quit the job they hate and start a business That they love by Helping by giving them tips and tricks from a unique variety of  Entrepreneurs in order to push them to their fullest potential. No matter what walk of life you come from, this podcast will help you on your journey of being the best entrepreneur you can be!

Jerome Fenton was born in Jamaica but migrated to the Bronx NY at an early age. Since his youth, Jerome sensed that he was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. Which led him to Launch a few businesses in different Industries that led to success and freedom in his life. now he helps other entrepreneurs find that same success and freedom with his signature 100-day  Quantum Leap business program. and 8-weeks launch your business Bootcamp. What separates Jerome from the rest is simply this...HE WANTS TO MAKE YOU BETTER!


About jerome fenton